Healing Starts Here

Are you struggling with bloating, fatigue, headaches? How about constipation or diarrhea? Or perhaps you don’t have as much energy as you used to have? Maybe your children have allergies or you’re struggling with anxiety that seems to pop out of nowhere?

If you are on a journey to improve your overall well-being, then welcome! We are so happy to have you and are excited to support you in your healing journey.

Read on to find out how you can heal yourself with the principles of GAPS.

How will I heal myself?

We believe that your are your own best doctor. If you look to nature you will find the natural rhythms found in the days, the months and seasons. All of those give us clues and guide us.

As practitioners we do not diagnose or heal. We educate, support and guide you. We believe your body knows what it needs and we will help you tap into your own innate knowledge.

How do you know if GAPS healing is for you?

If you’ve made it to this website, then it’s for you!

It is no accident that you stumbled upon our little corner of the internet. Call it serendipity, or divine guidance, we are super excited to help guide you through your healing journey.

Our bodies have the innate wisdom to heal. Inside yourself is the intuition on what to eat, how to move and be well. Our goal here is to help you connect with that internal wisdom so that you can heal yourself.

Food first approach

For the majority of people, the food first first approach will be the key to healing themselves. This is because we eat multiple times a day, every single day!

That means that every time that we choose to eat something, we have the opportunity to nourish and heal ourselves. Every meal, every snack, is a communication with our body.

When we choose the most healing and nourishing foods, we are giving our physical body the tools to do what it is already trying to do, which is regenerate and heal.

Our cells are constantly turning over. If our body has the building blocks it needs to make a healthier self it will do it. It really is just that simple and amazing!

If food is first, then what is second?

The other pieces of the puzzle are reducing our toxic load and nourishing our spirit.

People love to go on detox protocols, and detoxification is certainly an important part of every healing journey. However, it is important to go through the detox process holistically so that we do not overwhelm our body.

The first (and easiest) piece is reducing the toxins that come in contact with our body through the air we breathe, the water we drink and the personal care and home products that we come in contact with on a daily basis.

If you’re reading this and pumped up to get started, we have many free guides for choosing clean living products! Click through to our clean living tab and explore options that will lower your toxic burden [Coming soon].

***A friendly reminder that you do not need to make all of the clean swaps all at once! As you use up products and need to replace them, head to our guides to choose a better alternative.

Detoxification and nourishment go together when it comes to harnessing the power of nature to inform our healing.

Daily movement and time spent outdoors are non negotiable when it comes to optimal health. Sunbathing and grounding are extremely effective (and free) healing modalities.

Connection with self, spirit and community are attained through prayer, meditation and fun. Whatever resonates for you, is a great place to start. Just like with food, our approach is to guide you to a healing practice that is attainable and sustainable.

What is the GAPS healing approach?

Based on your long-term health goals and individual symptoms, we will work together to come up with a healing plan that works best for you.

Generally speaking, we like to get all of our clients on a traditional whole foods diet that is informed by nature. An easy way to understand this is asking yourself this question: is this food found in nature (or was it made in an industrial factory)? If the answer is Yes then you are good to go!

For those that could use more gut healing, we will recommend the GAPS diet, also called the GAPS nutritional protocol. From there we can discuss whether the Full GAPS diet or the Introduction Diet is right for you.

Find out more about working 1:1 with us!

To your healing!