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It’s one thing to read about all the things you should be doing. But it’s a whole other ball game trying to implement it on your own. For those ready to start their healing journey, we offer personalized consultations.

How it Works

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We will develop a personalized protocol for you based on your health goals, including nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. We require a 3 month commitment. This includes a complete health history and analysis, follow up meetings, and all the resources you need for successful implementation. It takes time to establish new habits, but we’ve got your back!

Our Bridge the Gaps signature method is how we guide clients to find their personal best healing modalities. The approach is completely bio-individualized for each stage of life and your current health concerns.

Clients work through a protocol built on the four pillars necessary for bridging the gaps in their health, with continued personalized support at every step of the way.

Next Steps

We will guide you on how to continue your health journey. Whether it is with continued accountability and guidance, recommended lab testing or steps to take on your own.

Our Signature Bridge the Gaps Method

Combining the best holistic modalities including functional medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle, to support your health goals.


Remove barriers to your healing journey so that you can optimize your health most effectively.


Increase foundational support for your body and microbiome, using food.


Support your body’s natural drainage and detoxification. Implement GAPS when indicated.


Learn about quantum healing modalities to supercharge your health journey.

I’ve been there…

Despite years of “healthy eating” I developed many health issues: seasonal allergies, migraines and eventually IBS. In 2015 I started experimenting with diet changes to see if they would help (they did)! But it wasn’t until one of my children was challenged with Sensory Processing Disorder and food allergies that I dove into the research. Thankfully, I found the GAPS diet and it changed our lives forever! Not only were we able to heal ourselves but I became passionate about sharing the importance of nutrition and gut health with everyone. Eventually, I trained as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and now I help other families on their journey with bringing the body back into balance.

If you’re feeling Like…

  • You’re dealing with digestive distress (bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas, reflux)
  • You lament your lack of energy
  • You want to support fertility and stop feeling “hormonal”
  • You don’t feel vibrant and happy most of the time
  • You want to support your child without resorting to medication
  • You’re ready for a change but intimidated by cooking methods, terminology or how to do it right.
  • You know that something just isn’t right and are ready for a holistic approach

Then It’s Time to Let Us Help You Get Results

Get to the root cause of your health challenges

Understand how to support your body as it regenerates into a stronger, healthier version

Learn how to support your gut health

Figure out sustainable lifestyle habits to take into the future

Connect with yourself and trust your body’s innate wisdom

What are you waiting for?

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Package Details FAQ

It takes time to implement changes in your habits. You didn’t arrive in your current state overnight, and it will take more than a few days to see your body begin to regain a state of balance. Unlike with pharmaceuticals that mask symptoms, our recommendations seek to address the root cause and therefore we need to give your body time to adjust, detoxify, and rebuild itself from the inside out.

No. We believe that the GAPS diet provides an ideal framework for healing chronic conditions. However, not everyone is prepared for the major changes that it entails. We use the spirit of GAPS (real food, supporting the microbiome, gentle detoxification) to create the Bridge the Gaps Method to serve clients who prefer to make small, gradual changes and still see positive changes.

As a non-licensed practitioner we do not order lab testing, but can make recommendations if that is something you wish to pursue.

At Gaps Healing we believe in a food first approach. We will always give you food based options, but some clients prefer the convenience of supplements. We only recommend supplements as a bridge until your digestive system is able to extract the maximal nutrition from the foods that you’re eating, or for certain short phases in your journey.

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