The GAPS Healing Mission

GAPS Healing is here to empower you to heal your body.

We will help you work through the physical, mental and spiritual process to support your body in healing itself. 

Our bodies were created to live, to survive, to thrive. They adapt and regenerate all the time. They are the sum total of all of our inputs. 

We all have the resources to heal inside of our self. Our body is constantly regenerating itself. It is detoxing toxins every day and creating new cells from within every day. 

Let’s put aside the dis-empowering paradigm by which we are the result of our genetics. Let’s accept that our genetics may hold a basis that is constantly influenced and changed by our internal and external environment. 

What we put in (and on) ourselves and how we live matters. By making small changes we can change how we feel and learn to feel our best.

There are millions of people in this world that are suffering needlessly from chronic digestive issues from an ever-growing abundance of sensory processing disorders, fatigue, and allergies. This has everything to do with our modern lifestyle and most significantly with our food chain.

What if we could get back to our true selves? 

Back to the way humans have lived for thousands of years? What would it entail? How can we use modern conveniences to our advantage without destroying the fiber of our being?

What would happen if we gave our body the tools to do those things in the optimal way? What if we got in sync with how nature intended us to eat, intended us to be? 

What if we saw the sun as a life giving energy source for everything we grow and raise on earth? What if we learn to appreciate the wind, the ground, the water? 

What would we have to do to relieve ourselves of daily stress? What changes would we have to make? 

Here at GAPS Healing we are here to support you. To help you find the answers to these questions. To help you cope, adapt, connect and ultimately to heal.

How can we support you at GAPS Healing?

GAPS Healing uses the main principles of the GAPS Diet and Nutritional Protocol, as well as complementary healing modalities to help you heal yourself.

The GAPS diet was created by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride based on well-established nutritional principles. It incorporates healing foods, probiotics in the form of fermented foods that will help you optimize your gut flora, and methods to support detoxification of pathogenic bacteria that is hindering your healing.

At GAPS Healing we serve educational articles to teach you how to heal yourself using food and nature. We emphasize science-based functional medicine principles. 

If you are interested in one on one support through your healing journey we also have a Certified GAPS Practitioner on staff. If you are looking for nature based health coaching, or someone that can help you figure out the steps you need to take to heal, set up a call.

Click on the link for your free 15 minute consultation about whether the GAPS diet or principles from it, are right for you.