Is Your Pantry Secretly Sabotaging Your Health?

The food in your pantry may be causing:

• Inflammation •
• Weight Gain •
• Addictive Eating Patterns •
• Gut Issues •
• Microbiome Dysbiosis •

Nothing makes more of an impact on your health than the food you eat, multiple times a day, every single day!

It all starts in your own home!

That’s where:
You control what ingredients come it.
You determine what your child eats.
At home.

So let’s control the control-ables.

What do you get in the Pantry RESET Ebook?

  • A detailed 5 step method to rid your pantry of the most harmful ingredients that may be harming your health.
  • A pantry restocking list, complete with healthier swaps for your favorite items.
  • Bonus information about understanding labels at the grocery store, additives to avoid, and how to clean out your pantry before embarking on the GAPS Diet for deeper healing.

The Pantry RESET is your first step to better health



I’ve downloaded A LOT of freebies….

  • Who doesn’t love free? Especially when you’re a knowledge junkie like myself. I want all.the.information.
  • What you usually get is lots of design, lots of pictures, and…very little practical information.
  • And I get it, practitioners should be compensated for their knowledge and education.
  • My goal with Gaps Healing is a lot bigger than making commissions and marketing my services….
  • I want to empower YOU. So that you can heal yourself. So that you can heal your family. So that you are a strong, vibrant, healthy member of your community. A high tide raises all ships. Let’s get you started on the right track!


Once I didn’t have junk food in my pantry, sticking to my meal plan got so much easier! I wasn’t tempted to snack before dinner because it wasn’t there.
Mom of 2

Practical & Detailed

  • 30 pages of information broken down into manageable steps.
  • Step by step instructions for cleaning out your pantry.
  • Complete shopping list for restocking with better choices.
  • How to choose better ingredients.
  • Methods for doing a gradual clean out without waste.
  • Saving money at the grocery store.
  • Checklist for keeping track of your progress.
  • Bonus explanations of labels and ingredients.